Pets are now part of nearly 87 million U.S. households, and more people than ever want to bring pets with them to work.

Pets are good for business, too. At work, they can boost morale, build a sense of community and get us up for regular walking breaks – all things that are good for our health. That’s why more employers are exploring pet-friendly workplace programs.

This toolkit provides how-to’s and best practices to help you make your workplace pet friendly.

Enjoy the many benefits that being pet friendly brings for your employees and your business!

Key steps for launching a pet-friendly workplace program

  • Understand ordinances and requirements for pets in your workplace.
  • Determine how you can offer needed amenities like pet relief areas and pet hydration stations onsite or nearby.
  • Make the case to your leadership team to get program approval.
  • Engage influencers at your workplace to help promote the concept.
  • Conduct a survey to get input and help everyone feel engaged in the plan.
  • Develop a pet policy and participant pledge.
  • Create signage and educational materials to help your program succeed.
  • Launch the program.
  • Track results to keep learning and developing.

Tools to help you get started

More resources from our Pets Welcome pet-friendly business toolkit

Pet-friendly workplace toolkit downloads

Other pet-friendly resources

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