More Pet-Friendly Benefits to Consider at Your Workplace

Once your pet-friendly workplace program takes off to cheers and woofs, consider building on the program with more pet-focused benefits.

With pets considered beloved family members, additional pet benefits will be viewed as welcome add-ons. And, they may also be a helpful recruiting tool and signal about your organization’s culture – helping attract talent and keep employees (and pets) satisfied.

Pet-friendly programs you might want to evaluate for your company:

  • Financial assistance for pet adoption.
  • Time off to help employees settle a new dog or cat into the home environment.
  • Pet insurance.
  • Financial assistance for micro-chipping, neutering, behavior training classes, etc.
  • Pet bereavement leave.
  • Periodic on-site guest speakers or animal trainers that can help employees be responsible pet parents.
  • Periodic on-site veterinary services to help employees take care of their pets (while potentially increasing productivity!). This could include: nail clipping, grooming, routine shots, etc.
  • A dog park on company property for use by employees/pets during lunch hours, after work and on weekends.
  • Complimentary pet treats or items such as water bowls with your organization’s logo.
  • For employees not taking advantage of your pet-friendly workplace program for one reason or another, consider company contributions to pet daycare programs or dog walking programs.

Want more tips? Check out the PETS WORK AT WORK™ Toolkit for info about how to start and maintain a successful pet-friendly workplace program.

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