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No one should be forced to choose between a pet and a place to live. Or skip healthy exercise because there’s no pet-friendly green space. Yet, pet owners face these challenges all the time. The BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program is helping cities be more pet-friendly so people and pets can have a better life together.

Pets help people and cities thrive.

They give unconditional love, companionship and purpose.

They get people outside for exercise and social contact.

Pet owners have less depression, anxiety and loneliness.

Pets make neighborhoods feel safer and workplaces more fun.

You can help! Speak up for your pet. When cities are pet-friendly, life is happier and healthier for everyone.

See what other cities are doing:

These are just some of the cities making life better for people and pets. Stop back for profiles of the cities and their programs, which are being added soon.

Fort Worth, TX
Richmond, VA
Franklin, TN
Washington, D.C.
Cleveland, TN
St. Petersburg, FL

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