Pets on Patios Toolkit

As more and more pet parents look for opportunities to keep their pets by their side throughout the day, welcoming pets can be a boon for restaurants, bars and cafés with space that can be made pet friendly.

It’s a demand that’s likely to increase, too, since Millennials and Gen Z account for a growing percentage of pet ownership and are also a key demographic for the dining and hospitality industries.

By welcoming pets, businesses make it easier for pet parents to enjoy their visit, and even stay longer since they aren’t worrying about pets waiting at home. That’s good for sales and good for pets and pet parents.

This toolkit provides resources to help businesses that want to welcome pets, including model legislation for cities to enable pet-friendly dining, tools for restaurant owners, and tips for pet parents who want to dine out with their pets.

Tools for Cities

Resources for Restaurants

Tips for Pet Parents

More Resources to Explore

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