In Case of Emergency, Who Cares for Your Pets?

Pets are family. In case of emergency, we all want our pets to have the same love and care we’d give them ourselves. A pet emergency card can help.

It’s one of a pet owner’s worst fears: If something were to happen at your home or to you when you’re away, who would look after your pets? To make sure they’d be looked after the way you want, make sure you communicate with a pet emergency card. We’ve got printables to help!

Wallet Pet Emergency Card

A wallet pet emergency card can be very helpful for alerting authorities that you have a pet at home.
Carry the card with you all the time. Include at least one emergency contact, your vet’s contact info, as well as details about your pet or pets.

Be sure to tell your emergency contacts that you plan to list them on your card. And, discuss how you would like them to handle situations that could arise. For example, should they pick up your pet? Stop in to check on her? Communicate with your vet?

We hope you’ll never need to use these plans! But by discussing emergency procedures before they’re needed, you’ll be ready if the need arises.

Window Pet Emergency Sign

A window sign placed near each entrance to your home is another vital pet emergency communication to help protect your pet. It tells first responders, such as firefighters, that one or more pets are inside your home and may need help.

We’ve designed our card to convey the number of pets on the outside, and display personal information such as contacts and phone numbers on the inside. This way, a first responder inside your home will have access to the personal info, but a casual passerby will not.

Plan for Other Emergencies Too

Beyond being ready for emergencies when you’re away from home, it’s important to have an emergency plan for if you need to evacuate your home with your pets. There are various reasons this might be needed, from weather, to earthquake or fire, to a community disaster like a chemical spill.

By developing a plan that includes your pets, you can keep them safe and make sure you have everything ready if you need to leave quickly. These two brochures will help you get started. Download them today and get a plan ready – you never know when you might need it.

Pets Can’t Speak for Themselves

Pets make life better and make homes happier. As part of Mars Petcare’s BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ initiative, we’re sharing tips and advocating for policies that help make homes and communities as pet friendly as possible.

Please help us share these printable tools to make sure every pet owner has a plan for emergencies. Thank you! We’re on social media at @marspetcareus.

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