5 Ways to Have a Safe (Not Scary!) Halloween with Your Pet

Halloween is a festive time full of family fun, but it also brings some potential hazards for pets. Here are tips to help you celebrate safely and keep your furry family members happy.

1. Choose costumes carefully.

It’s so fun to dress up your pet! But consider keeping it simple – you want your pet to be comfortable and able to move normally. Avoid items that are tight, restrict movement or obstruct your pet’s vision.

At the same time, costumes shouldn’t be too loose so your pet could trip or get tangled up. Watch out for accessories like belts that could get caught on something. Also, skip the sequins, buttons or other extras that could fall or be chewed off and be eaten by your pet.

See more costume tips here from BANFIELD Pet Hospital®.

Cat in bow tie

2. Keep people treats away from pets.

While candy is a big part of Halloween – and one that all of us at Mars love! – people treats aren’t for pets. Chocolate, nuts and other human foods can be toxic for pets. The sweetener Xylitol, found in gum and other items, can be dangerous.

Packaging and wrappers can also be very harmful if swallowed. And that’s not to mention the stomach upsets that come from feeding pets things they aren’t used to. Stick with the dog and cat treats they already know and love. Here’s more info from our BLUEPEARL™ Pet Hospital team.

3. Provide a quiet space.

If your community is having trick-or-treating, consider putting your pet in a quiet area of your home for the evening. That way, he or she won’t be upset by the constant ringing of the doorbell or the excited voices of kids showing off their costumes.

If you opt to have your dog with you, use a leash to make sure there are no surprises. Of course, be sure all your pets are microchipped in case they slip out unexpectedly!

Dog in witch hat

4. Avoid fire dangers.

While candle-lit pumpkins give great ambiance, they can also be a hazard – especially for curious young pets or those that are rambunctious.

Consider flameless candles. They’re safer, the flames won’t be extinguished by a sudden breeze, and you won’t have to worry about spilled wax or other issues if they get knocked over. Check out these other fire safety tips from our blog.

5. Decorate safely.

Make sure Halloween decorations around your house are non-toxic and don’t have small, chewable parts that could fall off.

Also, be careful with power cords for any inflatable decorations, since some pets may try to chew on them. Unplug items that aren’t in use and invest in cord protectors for those that are. Our PEDIGREE® brand has these other tips.

Dog in pumpkin hat

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