Safe Cat, Happy Cat: 7 Steps to Cat-Proof Your Home

By Jessa Paschke, Pet Training Specialist 

There are as many reasons to love cats as there are cats in the world.

They’re charming, clever, loving and endlessly entertaining. And there’s nothing like a purring kitty on your lap to lower stress and reduce loneliness.

And that’s not to mention the fact that pet owners tend to visit doctors less and spend less on medication, and that interacting with pets can reduce depression.

To have a great life with your kitty, your home needs to be a safe place for him or her. So, in honor of your great cat, take a few minutes to make sure your home is as cat-proofed as possible.

1. Power Down

cat sitting near cord and outlet

Electrical shock is a serious danger for pets, especially cats who may try to chew on cords or lick outlets. Unplug items that aren’t in use, placing the cord out of the reach of your curious kitty. Invest in outlet covers and cord protectors. Or, speak with your veterinarian for safe options for cat repellents to deter your cat from chewing on cords.

2. Keep Your Space Safe

cat hiding in drawer
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Be sure window and door screens are secure, so your cat can’t sneak out. Also, keep in mind that cats love creeping into small spaces. Always check spots like the washing machine, refrigerator and drawers before closing them. Be careful with moving furniture like recliners, too, to make sure your furry friend hasn’t sneaked in during use.

3. Protect Breakables

cat knocking over vase

Cats are curious and often on the move. The best way to keep breakables safe is to keep them out of your cat’s reach. That also protects your kitty, who could get hurt if things fall and break near him or her. Consider a display cabinet to show off your treasures in a space your cat can’t explore.

4. Know Your Plants

cat near plants
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Many common plants and flowers could be poisonous for your cat, from azaleas to lilies to poinsettias, and many in between. To be safe, keep plants out of your cat’s reach or in a separate room.

5. Avoid Household Toxins

cat looking curious
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Anyone with a cat knows, if there’s something they shouldn’t get into, they will find it! Keep household toxins locked away, including human medications, cleaning products, insecticides and other household chemicals. Here’s a helpful list from BANFIELD® Pet Hospital.

6. Play Safe

cat and parent playing with toy
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Give your cat safe toys to play with, and keep small items that could be swallowed out of reach. Rubber bands, hair fasteners, paper clips and other small items can all become dangerous obstructions if swallowed. Strings, dental floss, yarn and other long materials are also dangerous and can get caught in or wrap around the intestines.

7. Know When to Get Help

cat in carrier
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Finally, have your veterinarian’s phone number handy at home for any time you might need it. And, know where there’s a 24/7 pet hospital nearby, just in case.

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