Franklin, TN

BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ certified cities have programs and policies that make it easier for pets and pet owners to live a happy, healthy life together.

What Makes Franklin a Pet-Friendly City?

Certified in the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program in 2019, Franklin, Tennessee was the first city to pilot the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ “Pets Welcome” program for pet-friendly businesses.

The idea was to implement a coordinated, community-wide slate of pet-friendly business practices.

a pet waste bag dispenser in Franklin, TN

Ultimately, nearly 100 businesses in Downtown Franklin agreed to participate, with a shared pet code of conduct, consistent signage, materials for in-store education and a kickoff event that brought the community together in celebration of pets.

The city also installed pet waste stations throughout the downtown core, making it easier for residents and visitors to be out with their pets.

Since the launch, the pet-friendly Franklin community has continued to tout its welcoming status, inspiring more visitors (and more pets!) throughout Downtown Franklin.

Plus, Franklin continues to be an active supporter of programs that help pets and businesses. Mars Petcare worked with American Humane in 2018 to launch a service dog toolkit for businesses, and our partners in Downtown Franklin played a pivotal role, offering use of their spaces for filming and talking about their experiences with service dogs.

Franklin’s Mayor on Piloting the Program

“Pets have always been a passion of mine, and I’m thrilled that Franklin was selected to pilot test the ‘Pets Welcome’ program with our local businesses. As a growing, community-driven city, Franklin is the perfect setting to test out the positive impact of pets in more places and offers the ideal foundation to explore the impact of trends we are seeing across the country.”

– Mayor Ken Moore

Plus, a Pet-Friendly Airport

Franklin is served by Nashville International Airport (BNA), the first airport certified pet-friendly by the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program. Read more about BNA’s pet-friendly features here.

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