Sample Pet Guidelines Signage

Communicating your business’s expectations for pets helps pet parents understand and follow your guidelines.

Adopting the “voice” of a pet can help draw additional attention to the rules you’re trying to convey. Here’s sample language that can be used to communicate requirements:


Everything’s better with pets! Responsible pet owners make it a great experience for everyone.

  • Keep me leashed and under control to help protect me (and the people and things that are around me!).
  • Gimme space! Make sure I hang out where I won’t be underfoot.
  • If I get over-excited, aggressive or anxious, please take me outside so I can calm down.
  • When I gotta go, I gotta go. Help me anticipate when I need to go out for a break. And if it happens…sorry, please clean it up.
  • Don’t leave me! (Never leave pets unattended in a public space.)
  • Keep in mind that you’re in charge. I try to be good…but you’re ultimately responsible for me and my actions.
picture of poster with pet rules for businesses

Want more tips? Check out the Pets Welcome Toolkit for info about how to launch a pet-friendly business initiative that can benefit businesses, pet parents and pets.

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