6 Ways to Celebrate Your Pet Love

If you’re like us, you love and celebrate your pet every day! But it’s always fun to give some extra special attention to our cats and dogs.

They aren’t just our best friends and beloved family. Our furry friends actually have an incredibly positive impact on our lives. In fact, 92% of pet parents said their relationship with their pets improved their mental and physical wellbeing – providing companionship (77%), emotional support (70%), a sense of purpose (52%) and a reason to exercise (31%).

So when you set aside time to celebrate your pet love, here are some ideas to plan a special day…

walking with dog in the snow

1. Enjoy an adventure

Take your dog for a fun, long walk. Walking gives dogs physical exercise, socialization and mental stimulation as they see (and sniff!) all the new things you encounter. For cats, make it an inside adventure using a toy to encourage a game of chase and running around an “agility course” in your house.

2. Give a (healthy) treat

Celebrate your pet with their favorite treat. Just be sure to treat responsibly to avoid joining the epidemic of pet obesity. Give only the recommended amount and choose treats made for pets – no sneaking human foods, which can be unhealthy and add excessive calories. Here are more tips to help.

dog sitting safely in car wearing a harness

3. Take a drive

If your pet is one of the millions who enjoy car rides, consider a fun day trip. Use this link to get all the info you need to plan a safe and fun road trip with your best friend by your side.

4. Keep them safe

If you’ve been putting off getting a microchip or getting an ID tag for your pet’s collar, make it a priority now. The American Veterinary Medical Association says microchipped dogs are twice as likely to be returned to their owners when lost. Microchipped cats are 20 times as likely to get home!

woman brushing cat
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5. Have a spa day

Just like people, pets need regular grooming, including hair-brushing, teeth-cleaning and nail-trimming. You can make grooming a special treat with extra time spent on whatever your pet enjoys most – for example, a bath or a luxurious half hour of brushing.

6. Help other pets

You can also honor your pet by helping the many other dogs and cats who are still waiting at shelters for a loving, forever home. If you have room in yours, you could foster or adopt! If you don’t, consider whether you can volunteer or donate to help end pet homelessness. There are many great organizations like PEDIGREE Foundation that are working to help pets find loving homes. They could really use your support.

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