Pets for Better Wellbeing: Mars Pet Nutrition North America 2022 Report

From the pandemic to politics, and economic uncertainty to everyday stressors, it’s never been more difficult to maintain our mental and emotional wellbeing. But research shows – and every pet parent knows – our furry friends have had an incredibly “paws-itive” impact.

Despite the challenges of the past three years, 40% of pet owners say their mental or physical wellbeing improved, nearly doubling the rate of non-pet owners, which was just 23%.

Yet even with the proven benefits of pet ownership, there are still many hurdles that prevent people from adopting a furry family member. Plus, pets in need face challenges, with animal shelters on pace to have their worst overpopulation rates and resource constraints in at least three years.

“Pets for Better Wellbeing” Report

Our fourth annual report explores insights like these and shows that a pet-friendly world isn’t just good for pets; it’s good for people’s wellbeing and for communities and businesses, too.

(Download the report by clicking here.)

Insights in the Report

  • 92% of pet parents say their relationship with their pets improved their mental and physical wellbeing in the last three years.
  • Pet parents say that pets improve their wellbeing by providing companionship (77%), emotional support (70%), a sense of purpose (52%) and a reason to exercise (31%).
  • Among those considering a pet, 66% are concerned about affordability, 47% about being away for work or travel, and 42% about finding pet-friendly housing.
  • 52% of pet parents plan to bring their pets when they resume traveling.
  • 61% of those intending to adopt or foster will turn to animal shelters or rescues, a decision that is more critical than ever due to the current shelter crisis.

Takeaways for Pet-Friendly Cities

The report spotlights BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ Certified Cities and Certified Airports, and shares takeaways to help cities working to be pet friendly.

By implementing policies and programs that welcome pets in more places, cities can enable more people to have access to the benefits of pet ownership. Likewise, by putting programs in place that support pet parents in times of need, cities can help people and pets stay together.

Cities can learn more and find resources at

Supporting a Better World

Finally, the report also shares progress in our efforts for more equity, inclusion and diversity. At Mars Petcare, our purpose is: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. We take this commitment seriously, and it means that beyond our work that directly affects pets, we’re trying to make a better world for people, too.

Click below to see our annual report infographic.

a thumbnail image of an infographic about data from the 2022 Mars Petcare annual Report

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