Facilities Considerations for Pet-Friendly Housing

There are lots of great reasons to allow pets in apartments, rental properties and condos. To make them welcome, pet-friendly housing should have basic amenities for pets.

Basic pet amenities

  • At least one nearby pet relief area with a pet waste station and trash container that is emptied on a regular basis to control odors. If you are not near a public space that has these, you’ll need to add them on your property. Here are best practices to consider.
  • Signage that directs pet parents to the relief area and provides instructions for use.
  • A pet-friendly water fountain with a refillable water bottle option for humans and a ground-based pet water fountain supports healthy hydration for all. If you can’t install a water fixture, consider water bowls in common areas that are regularly filled throughout the day. Use ceramic or metal water bowls and make sure they’re washed frequently.
  • Clean-up supplies in common areas in case of pet accidents, and signage that tells pet parents how to use the cleaners and what other steps are needed, if any – such as alerting your office so accident areas can be sanitized.
  • An emergency plan that includes pets if evacuation is needed. This resource from our Pets Welcome toolkit helps with planning.

Next-level pet-friendly housing amenities

Some apartment and condo communities are taking pet amenities to the next level. This can help attract pet-loving tenants. To have a competitive edge in pet-friendly housing, consider:

  • An dog exercise area, such as a fenced-in outdoor play yard or a large indoor space where dogs can play safely. This can help give dogs the off-leash exercise they need to burn off energy for good behavior. It also gives pet parents a great place to socialize on your property. Here are best practices for dog parks.
  • Events for resident pet owners, such as “yappy hour” cocktail parties in the common area or dog run.
  • A pet concierge who can arrange services such as pet sitting and dog walking.
  • A pet washing station for cleaning up pets after messy outdoor play.
  • Onsite grooming services or visits by a mobile groomer.
  • Pre-arranged vet visit days for onsite dental care and other checkups.
  • Complimentary pet treats and water bowls throughout the property.
  • Welcome gifts for new pet tenants. When these include the branding of the housing community, they are also great advertisements to attract future pet-parent tenants.

Want more info? Check out our Pet-Friendly Housing Toolkit for best practices for cities, tools for rental property owners, and tips for pet parents who rent.

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