Ways to Welcome Pets and Pet Parents

Here are ideas to help show that your business is a great place for pets and pet parents.

Welcoming pets and pet parents

  • Offer pets fresh water. Hydration is very important for pets, especially on hot days. Opt for ceramic or metal water bowls and wash them frequently.
  • Have pet treats or toys on hand for visiting pets. Just be sure to ask pet parents before giving anything to their dog or cat.
  • Stock some pet-friendly or pet-related products that fit with the theme of your business.
  • Be ready to recommend other businesses that welcome pets. Suggest pet-friendly local areas for walking and other pet-friendly amenities.
  • Clearly mark any areas where pets are allowed or not allowed within your business.

Providing a healthy and safe environment for pets

  • Train staff on pet behavior and pet safety, to offer pets the same hospitality you give to all your other customers.
  • Know where the nearest pet relief area is, so you can direct customers there as needed.
  • Have spare pet waste bags available.
  • Make sure furnishings and plants are pet-friendly and non-toxic.
  • Be prepared with paper towels and cleaning supplies just in case accidents happen.
  • Consider adding leash hooks in spaces where pet parents might need their hands free, such as your checkout counter, restroom stalls and pet-friendly patio spaces.
  • Know the location of the nearest pet hospital in case it’s needed.
  • Make pets part of your emergency and evacuation plans.

Promoting your pet-friendliness

  • Feature a “Pet of the Week” on your social media.
  • Encourage customers to post about their pet-friendly experience on social media.
  • Create a selfie space in or near your business where people can take pictures with their pets.
  • Have a special event for pet parents and their pets or a promotion where those who bring pets get something extra special.
  • Host a giving opportunity where a portion of sales goes to support a local animal shelter or rescue.

Want more tips? Check out the Pets Welcome Toolkit for info about how to launch a pet-friendly business initiative that can benefit businesses, pet parents and pets.

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