Helping Homeless Pets Toolkit

Despite the love, loyalty and support pets give people every day, there are still far too many homeless dogs and cats in shelters and rescues across the U.S. and Canada. And as of fall 2022, that number appears to be rising.

Animal welfare organizations report that pets are taking longer to be adopted, leading to overcrowded shelters and increasing resource constraints.

With policies and initiatives that aim to end pet homelessness, cities can help reduce this trend. Pet-loving citizens can get involved too, helping advocate for adoption and volunteering to reduce the burden on shelters.

This toolkit gathers resources to help, including programs and model ordinances for cities, tools for shelters, and tips for pet lovers who want to make a difference.

Tools for Cities

Model Ordinances for Cities

Tools for Shelters and Rescues

Tools for Citizens

More Resources to Explore

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