8 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Adopting a Pet

Have you been considering expanding your family with a pet? Here are 8 great reasons to do it now by adopting a dog or cat from a shelter or rescue.

1. Save a life

Shelter and rescue pets need a second chance. They’ve been lost, abandoned or surrendered. Depending on where they are, they may be at risk of euthanasia if there isn’t the space or funding to keep housing them. When you adopt a dog or cat, you give them the secure and loving home they deserve.

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2. Find a best friend

Pets are friends, stress-relievers and social ice breakers. During the pandemic, people reported that owning or fostering a pet gave them companionship (86%), helped reduce anxiety (78%), alleviated boredom (75%) and gave them a sense of hope (69%). Going forward, 90% of pet parents say they want to continue to spend as much time with pets as they did during the pandemic.

3. Get healthier

While different pets have different needs, all need some form of daily activity for good health and mental stimulation – and so do we! A pet gives you an exercise buddy and motivation to stay fit. Check out this post from WHISTLE™ about ways to exercise with a dog.  And, here’s a post about exercises for cats.

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4. Free up shelter space

Despite the hard work and dedication of shelters and rescues, there’s still only so much space available to house lost or abandoned pets. If you adopt from a shelter or rescue, you’re freeing up space for another animal to get the care they need and a chance for their own adoption.

5. Find a pet of any type

Shelters generally have a wide selection of dogs and cats, including pure breeds and mixed breeds, big pets and small. So, chances are good that you can find a furry friend to fit your family. Plus, shelter populations change often as pets are adopted and new ones arrived, so you have many chances to find your perfect match.

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6. Or a pet of any age

Shelters also have a wide mix of pet ages, from puppies and kittens to seniors. There are benefits of every age. Younger pets can be feisty and adorable, but may also require training, attention and a lot of energy. Older pets can be laid back and obedient, but may require more care as they age.

7. Get a ready pet

Shelters and rescues work tirelessly to finding loving homes for pets, including providing training and socialization where needed. They may also give medical treatment to make sure animals are healthy and adoptable, and microchips so they don’t get lost in the future.

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8. Enrich your life

Did you know dog owners are five times more likely to know their neighbors? And cat owners watch and share hundreds of videos a year? Pets help connect us. Plus, if your company allows pets at work, you know pets can even improve work relationships, reduce stress and boost morale.

Millions of pets end up homeless every year, often for reasons that have little to do with them.

So please consider adopting a pet. It means one more dog or cat will find the loving home they deserve, and that’s good for your community, your pet and best of all, for you.

Please share this post to encourage more people to consider adoption. Find tips for welcoming a new furry friend here.

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