More Ways to Help Travelers with Pets

Beyond making pets welcome, there are many additional ways you can make traveling with pets a great experience at your airport. Here are some examples:

  • Create a designated place within your website where travelers can learn about all pet and service animal-related aspects of your airport.
  • Offer tips for those traveling with pets on your social media, website and signage. Include some tips about responsible pet ownership to educate while you assist!
  • Feature a “Pet of the Week” on social media or in-airport media.
  • Add or expand your therapy pet program for travelers and airport personnel, so those without pets can experience the support, joy and relaxation that time with a pet can provide.
  • Add pet-centric “selfie spots” or art installations throughout your airport so travelers with pets can document their journey in a fun way that also celebrates your airport.
  • Establish consistent signage for airport vendors, such as retail and restaurants, to indicate where pets are and are not allowed. See an example here. Also, remember to make it clear that service animals are allowed to stay with their owners at all times.
  • Make pet items like water bowls, leashes and waste bags available at the airport in case they are forgotten or needed due to unexpected delays.
  • Offer non-perishable pet giveaways at information desks and kiosks, such as portable water bowls or toys. Skip food or treats since a change in diet before a trip could upset a pet’s stomach.
  • Keep cats in mind! Often programs focus primarily on dogs, but cats are a growing part of pet travel. Include cat items in airport shops and consider additional amenities you could add, such as a cat playroom.
  • Where you highlight local hotel, park and sightseeing information in your airport, indicate which of these are pet friendly.
  • Offer airport-branded gear for pet-lovers at airport shops, e.g., t-shirts for people and pets, bandanas for pets, etc.

Want more tips? Check out the full Pet-Friendly Airport Toolkit for how-to’s and best practices to help plan pet-friendly policies, amenities and programming for airports.

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