What Makes Rental Housing Pet-Friendly?

What is “pet-friendly housing?” The term encompasses many features, from policies that welcome pets to amenities onsite that make life easier for pet parents.

Here are the key traits that stand out:

  • Both dogs and cats accepted
  • No breed restrictions for dogs
  • No size limit for dogs
  • No weight limit for dogs
  • Reasonable limit on number of pets permitted (2+)
  • No requirement for cat declawing
  • No or low upfront pet deposit
  • Damage fee agreement instead of monthly pet rent
  • Clear, specific guidelines that explain expectations for pets and pet owners
  • Onsite or nearby pet relief area
  • Pet amenities like a dog run or pet-bathing space

Want more info? Check out our Pet-Friendly Housing Toolkit for best practices for cities, tools for rental property owners, and tips for pet parents who rent.

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