Sample Signage: Responsible Pet Ownership Tips

Part of making rental properties pet-friendly is encouraging pet parents to make responsible choices that help them, their pets and non-pet owners who live there. A set of pet-focused tip signs can help accomplish this.

You can put them in common areas, elevators, your mailroom and other places where people are likely stop and read them. “Table tent” signs in your lobby can be helpful, too.

Also, consider writing your tips in the voice of a pet or including photos of resident pets on them. Making them personalized can help make them memorable!

Try These Pet Tips

  • Do Your Duty: If I did my duty, please do yours. Clean up pet waste and dispose of it properly to keep common areas clean.
  • Love the Leash: Use a leash to protect me, our surroundings and those we meet when we’re outside our home.
  • Trim Up: Scratching is natural for cats. To avoid damage, keep my nails trimmed and teach me to use a scratching post.
  • Keep it Clean: Deal with pet stains and other issues quickly to avoid lasting damage or costly cleanup in your apartment.
  • Try Training: Teach me to follow training cues that keep me and others safe, like “sit,” “stay” and “drop it.”
  • No Nibbling: Don’t let me chew on plants, cords or other items that could be harmful. Give me a chew toy instead!
  • Don’t Leave Me: Never leave me unattended in a common area. Always be attentive to keep me and others safe.
  • Be a Good Neighbor: Explore training to minimize barking, whining and other behaviors that might disturb others.

Want more info? Check out our Pet-Friendly Housing Toolkit for best practices for cities, tools for rental property owners, and tips for pet parents who rent.

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