Sample Pet Agreement for Rental Properties

Here’s a sample Pet Agreement with guidelines for requirements, responsibilities and how to manage issues. Your actual pet policy should reflect your property’s decisions about pet expectations and requirements.

Pet Requirements

To live at [LANDLORD AND LOCATION], pets must be:

  • Up-to-date on vaccinations required by state law
  • Free of any communicable infections or any parasites such as fleas
  • Clean and well groomed
  • House-trained
  • Obedient, well-socialized and with no history of biting, excessive barking, chasing or aggressive behavior

Pet Owner Responsibilities

Pet owners must agree to:

  • Be 100% responsible for their pet’s behavior, well-being and hygiene at all times
  • Manage their rental unit to ensure it is “pet-proofed” and safe for their pet
  • Ensure that their pet’s behavior does not interfere with other tenants
  • Clean up after their pet immediately any time the pet relief area is used or an accident occurs
  • Ensure their pet is not left unattended for extended periods of time that cause the pet to become stressed and act out
  • Maintain renters insurance that covers dog bites and has no restrictions (e.g. breed restrictions) that the pet does not meet
  • Be legally and financially responsible for any damage caused by their pet

Managing Issues

Concerns related to pets will be handled in the following way:


Pet Information

  • Pet name
  • Pet type
  • Pet gender
  • Pet age
  • Pet description
  • Pet emergency contact

Please confirm the following statements:

  • I have renters insurance that covers pet bites and does not include any restrictions (e.g. breed restrictions) that my pet does not meet.
  • I agree to control my pet at all times and be 100% responsible for my pet’s actions.
  • I agree to keep my pet from making unnecessary noise or being a nuisance to other tenants, and will address any complaints immediately.
  • My pet is up to date on vaccinations and I will continue to maintain current vaccinations as required by local law.
  • My pet is free of communicable infections or any parasites such as fleas.
  • My pet is well-trained, socialized and does not have a history of biting, excessive barking, chasing or aggressive behavior.
  • My pet is house-trained and I will immediately clean up any accidents that might occur.
  • I agree to clean up immediately when my pet uses the pet relief area, and dispose of waste quickly and appropriately.
  • I agree to keep my pet leashed, but not tethered, when it is outside my unit.
  • I agree to pay immediately for any damage caused by my pet.
  • I agree that if my pet appears to be in distress, is creating a disturbance, or an emergency occurs, property staff may enter my unit without notice. They must attempt to contact me, but if I am unavailable, they may make temporary arrangements for the pet’s care as needed.
  • If I fail to live up to any portion of the pet agreement, I agree that [LANDLORD] has the right to revoke permission for my pet to live in my unit, and/or to revoke my lease.

Waiver of Liability

I understand that living in pet-friendly housing comes with certain risks, including my own physical or psychological injury, pain or suffering, and that of the people who live around me. I assume all risks associated with my pet ownership, whether known or unknown to me, and take legal and financial responsibility for all consequences.

I unconditionally indemnify and agree to hold harmless [LANDLORD], its management, directors, shareholders, partners or agents, from any and all loss, damage, liability and expense, including court costs and attorney fees, that may result from having my pet with me in my unit or on the property. This includes injuries, death, property damage or any other issues, whether caused by me, my pet or by anyone else including my guests.

By signing this form, I agree that I have read this document completely and understand the legal consequences of signing it, including assuming all risk of my pet and pet ownership.


Want more info? Check out our Pet-Friendly Housing Toolkit for best practices for cities, tools for rental property owners, and tips for pet parents who rent.

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