Sample Pet Code of Conduct for Businesses

A successful pet-friendly business program depends on pets behaving well while visiting, and pet owners taking responsibility for their pets.

A pet code of conduct helps make this possible, by providing clear guidelines about behaviors and accountability.

Here’s a sample pet code of conduct with suggested guidelines for participation in a pet-friendly business. Communities, business organizations or individual businesses would want to create a version of this document that meets their specific needs.

We suggest you post your code of conduct on your website and/or post it at your business, to make your requirements clear to your customers.

Sample Pet Code of Conduct

  • Pets must be leashed and under control of their owner at all times.
  • Pets must be licensed, immunized and comply with all state and local regulations.
  • Pet owners may not leave pets unattended at any time.
  • Pet owners are responsible for making sure their pets remain safely out of the way and do not present a hazard to employees, other customers or their pets.
  • Pet owners are responsible for monitoring their pet’s behavior and mood, and removing any pet that might be over-excited, aggressive or anxious.
  • Pet owners are responsible for monitoring their pet’s needs and ensuring accidents do not happen. Any accidents that do occur must be reported and cleaned up immediately.
  • As needed, individual businesses may establish limits for the number of pets allowed on the premises at a time.
  • Businesses have the right to ask a pet owner to remove their pet from the premises at any time.
  • Pet owners are legally responsible for the behavior of their pet.
  • Damaged or broken merchandise that is caused by a pet must be paid for by the pet owner.
  • By bringing a pet onto the premises, pet owners agree to indemnify and hold harmless the business and its owners, against any and all liabilities that may arise from the pet being on the premises.

Want more tips? Check out the Pets Welcome Toolkit for info about how to launch a pet-friendly business initiative that can benefit businesses, pet owners and pets.

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