Nashville Area Businesses Celebrate the Benefits of Pets at Work

Mars Petcare Challenges Local Companies to Allow Pets in the Workplace

Franklin, Tenn., June 18, 2018 This week, Nashville businesses are going pet-friendly thanks to a challenge initiated by Mars Petcare, the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and Williamson, Inc. The organizations are calling for local companies to open their offices to pets – or if they already allow pets, to encourage their employees to bring them to work this week to create a groundswell of pet-friendly activity – with the goal of a day when all businesses in Nashville are pet-friendly.

Hundreds of employees in Nashville are encouraged to bring their pets to work this week, with support from Mars Petcare’s online Pets Work at Work toolkit that provides tools to help companies start a pets-at-work program and resources to formalize their pet-friendly offices. The suite of tools includes tips for creating a pet policy, considerations for leadership, legal and facilities, and helpful signage to post throughout the office.

“We are excited to welcome our employees’ pets into our business each week,” said Matt Largen, President and CEO of Williamson, Inc. “Our employees love their pets and we know the joy they bring to their personal lives. We want to foster an open and welcome environment for both employees and their pets to increase employee satisfaction and productivity – who wouldn’t work harder and be happier at work with their favorite furry friend in tow?”

Research shows that pets can lower our blood pressure, reduce social isolation, help build a sense of community and increase communication in the workplace, which can ultimately make a job more satisfying for employees.

“There are so many benefits to having pets at work, and companies – and employees – are taking notice,” said Cheryl DeSantis, vice president of people & organization at Mars Petcare. “In fact, a recent Mars Petcare survey shows that more than two thirds of employees wish they could bring their pets to work, while 87 percent of employers say being dog friendly helps them retain and attract more talent. Mars Petcare’s offices have welcomed pets for years, and we want more businesses to see these benefits firsthand by opening their own doors to pets.”

Allowing pets in workplaces supports the Mars Petcare BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program focused on creating a world where more cities and communities make pets welcome. Activities like this challenge help businesses experience the benefits pets provide and can help start changing mindsets around the inclusion of pets in our daily lives.

For more information on how to create a pet-friendly workplace, to download the Pets Work at Work toolkit, and to learn more about BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™, please visit

BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ is a program of Mars Petcare US, the world’s leading pet nutrition and health care business, created to help communities become more pet-friendly by bringing the voice of pets and their owners to places of influence and advocating for fewer pets in shelters, more pet-friendly places, and happier, healthier lives for both people and pets. Mars Petcare works with key partners, businesses and local governments to better understand how to improve communities by: providing safe and welcoming shelters that lead to forever homes; encouraging pet-friendly, responsible homes for pets; welcoming more pets into local businesses, and giving pets plenty of park space to play. For more information about Mars Petcare and BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™, visit

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