Ways to Help Community Cats in Your City

Find out what programs are in place locally – check with local government, animal organizations and veterinarians to determine if there’s a community cat program with TNR already in place and how you can help.

If there isn’t a local program, start the conversation:

  • Advocate! Write to your Mayor, animal control and newspaper to advocate for it. See a sample here.

  • Talk with potential partners about starting a local program. International Cat Care has a helpful resource to walk through important considerations like local regulations, scope and needs. See it here.

If there is a local program in your area, become a supporter

  • Volunteer to help at spay/neuter events, trapping, feeding or other needs. Check with program organizers to see how you can best provide support.

  • Donate to support community cat care. Costs for food, spay/neuter and vaccines add up quickly. Support your local community cat care program with financial or food donations.

  • Become a community cat caretaker yourself. You’ll want to make sure you can consistently provide care since the cats in your territory will come to depend on it.

  • Help with kitten care or socializing. But don’t intervene with kittens unless it’s needed! Talk with your local community cat care team for tips on how to know if kittens actually need help. See more here from Alley Cat Allies.

  • Use your social media to educate about community cats and TNR. Too many people have negative perceptions about “feral cats.” There are great resources online to help you educate about the benefits of community cat care.

  • Build cat shelters to help local cats through tough weather. Alley Cat Allies has lots of examples for all skill levels. Find them here.

Want to know more? Check out our Community Cat Toolkit for an overview of community cat care, case studies, tools for citizens and more.

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