Topeka, KS

BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ certified cities have programs and policies that make it easier for pets and pet owners to live a happy, healthy life together.

What Makes Topeka a Pet-Friendly City?

Certified in the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program in 2019, Topeka, Kansas scored especially well in the Shelters and Parks traits of our pet-friendly cities model. The city stands out for its pet-friendly places and spaces.

Topeka reports that it has almost 60 miles of pet-friendly trails, a dog park that features both a large dog and small dog area, and a variety of programs for pets and pet owners to enjoy.

Topeka’s Mayor on the City’s Certification

Mayor Michelle De La Isla with family and pets

“We at the City of Topeka are excited about this certification! This is a positive reflection about how much we care about our citizens. We know that pets are our “fur-children” and one of the things each pet parent wants to ensure is that their pet is accepted and included in our community. Parks are a great place for families to keep themselves and their pets healthy, we want to make sure that both pet parents and pets are healthy and hydrated. Thank you for this honor!”

– Mayor Michelle De La Isla

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