Key Features of a Pet Comfort Station

If you’re planning an outdoor event that includes pets, amenities are important to keep visiting pets happy and healthy.

For example, you’ll want to make sure there are shady spots to rest and access to lots of water, particularly in warmer months or climates. Dogs need more water than people do!

Here’s a look at a sample pet comfort station and key features that make it a success.

Pet Comfort Station Key Features

At minimum, be sure your pet comfort station is designed to provide the following:

  • Shade. If your space doesn’t have shade from trees, you can accomplish this with a tent, especially if it has at least one side panel to help block sunlight.
  • Water. Provide water fountains or water bowls that are refilled with clean water from a cooler. Keep in mind that dogs need more water than people. Better to over-plan and have leftover water than to run out.
  • Waste station. Designate a pet relief area and provide free waste bags and a trash receptacle.
  • Chairs or benches. People and pets need space to rest, especially on warm days. Simple benches or camp chairs are a welcome relief for pet owners. Locate your comfort station in a grassy area to provide comfortable “seating” for pets.
  • Treats. Walking around all day makes us all hungry! Consider having treats on hand for pets who need a pick-me-up from a busy day.

Other Pet Comfort Station Opportunities

A pet comfort station also provides a great place to talk about pets in your community and encourage responsible pet ownership. Take advantage of this opportunity with:

  • Signage that encourages responsible behaviors at your event, such as always using a leash and picking up pet waste. Our store sells individual signs on these and other topics, as well as a 10-sign set covering a wide array of responsible behaviors.
  • Informational handouts about pet-related topics, such as your local shelters and pet adoption programs, pet-friendly housing and pet behavior. You can download our Happy Pet Handbook here (PDF).
  • Advice from local experts. Consider inviting a local pet training expert or veterinarian to help you staff your comfort station and offer advice and support to community pet owners.

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