ONEC1TY: Leading the Charge on Pet-Friendly Living

A vibrant, 19-acre urban community under construction in Nashville, ONEC1TY will serve as a center of technology-enabled commercial, residential, research and retail activity catering to the idea that mindful healthy living can be made easy.

At full development, ONEC1TY will be a LEED Gold Certified Neighborhood Development, with 4.5 acres of open space, 1.5 miles of walking paths, approximately 1 million square feet of work space innovative firms, 600 urban residences for talented workers, a 170 key, eco-conscious hotel and over 100,000 square feet of restaurants, fitness and local artisans.

“We can’t make pet-friendly homes where pets aren’t allowed, so we’re working to understand and recommend new processes that replace current breed and size restrictions and bans,” said Ryan Doyle, developer, ONEC1TY. “This is the beginning of our work to look at future policies.”

ONEC1TY, alongside other local partners, is working to implement a number of pet-friendly policies in addition to reviewing current size and breed restrictions in residential communities as part of their support for BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™.

For example, ONEC1TY is offering more places for people and pets to play and be healthy, adding a dog park, complete with hydration stations, focused on health and fitness with challenge hills, agility zones, tunnels to explore and splash pads.

ONEC1TY is also adding a Pet Spa and interior runs for times of unpleasant weather, and collaborating with Mars to create signage to educate residents about responsible pet ownership.

Other facility considerations include concierge services such as dog walking, pet sitting, onsite vet visits, grooming services, complimentary pet treats and resident pet owner events.

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