BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ Certified City Profile: Nashville, TN

BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ certified cities have programs and policies that make it easier for pets and pet owners to live a happy, healthy life together.

What Makes Nashville a Pet-Friendly City?

Certified in the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program in 2019, Nashville, Tennessee, scored particularly well on the Shelters trait of our pet-friendly cities model. The community’s Safe Coalition follows best practice models in its work to save all healthy and treatable cats and dogs in Nashville and Davidson Country.

Nashville is also known for its pet-friendly southern hospitality. Most of its hotels and vacation rentals are pet-friendly, offering special amenities and services for four-legged guests. There are also many pet-friendly patios, events and parks all around town and all year round.

dog at city dog park
Lotti at the Riverfront Dog Park in Nashville

Importantly, when out and about in Nashville, there’s also plenty of healthy hydration for pets – a fact that lines up with the city’s mission of supporting public health. Metro Government installed “hydration stations” in various areas around town include a water bottle fill-up for people and a ground-level fountain for pets, as well as signage about the importance of hydration. More are planned for the future, and private businesses have begun installing them as well.

Says the city, “We’re happy to help lead in supporting hydration and public health for all – pets and people!”

Nashville Mayor Briley with Doug the Pug
Nashville Mayor David Briley gets a visit from local celebrity dog Doug the Pug.

Nashville’s Mayor on Certification

Nashville is a welcoming city for everyone – and that includes pets. Our city has a multitude of pet-friendly parks and greenways, not to mention a number of terrific dog parks throughout the community. I’ve visited many myself with Roxie, my family’s dog. It’s great to be recognized as one of the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ by Mars Petcare, as we know that a pet-friendly city is a healthy city.

– Mayor David Briley

Find Out More

The city says Nashville Downtown Partnership is a fantastic resource to learn more about pet-friendly places everywhere you’d want to live, work or play in Downtown Nashville. They offer an online directory as well as published copies in locations throughout the city.

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