Nashville Area to Add More Dog Parks

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As part of its Master Plan, Nashville’s Metro Parks is investing in more regional dog parks, including one designed as a destination dog park that will be worth traveling to.

To be healthy and happy, dogs need room to run and play. And getting outside with pets is good for people too – not to mention the community connections we build when we’re out socializing at the dog park.

Yet many communities including Nashville could use more green space. In fact, in a Mars Petcare survey of U.S. mayors, 29% said their city’s residents don’t have adequate access to pet-friendly green space.

“At Metro Parks, we’ve always considered pets valued family members,” said Interim Parks Director Monique Odom.

“Dog parks are one of our most popular amenities. Right now, we have seven, but our Master Plan, Plan To Play, recommends eight new dog parks and one destination park over the next 10 years. We know that great cities have great spaces for both people and their pets and our plan is to make sure we have wonderful green space for both.”

happy dog at park

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