Montclair, NJ

BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ certified cities have programs and policies that make it easier for pets and pet owners to live a happy, healthy life together. Certified in the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program in 2023, Montclair, NJ scored especially well in the Homes trait of our pet-friendly cities model.

The city also boasts many pet-friendly places to spend healthy time outdoors with pets, including Edgemont Park, Anderson Park, Brookdale Park and its dog park, and Mills Reservation.

Two photos are presented side by side. On the left people with stand with their dogs by a kiddie pool where the dogs are cooling off. On the right, two people pose with a dog inside a frame celebrating the Montclair Jazz Festival.

Left: Visiting pups enjoy a chance to cool off at pet-friendly events. Right: Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller (left) and Councilor Peter Yacobellis (right) pose with a pup at the Montclair Jazz Festival.

As Montclair Councilor Peter Yacobllis noted, “In the last two years, in addition to maintaining a AAA credit rating, we’ve seen our Human Rights Campaign Equality Index reach a perfect 100% score, Montclair get designated an official Monarch USA City and now we’ve become certified as an official Mars Petcare Better City for Pets. My co-sponsor of our Animal Welfare package, Councilor Robin Schlager and I believe that pets are members of the family. We take animal welfare seriously here as just one of many values we espouse on behalf of our wonderful constituents – the furry ones too.”

Recent events in Montclair that welcomed pets were Montclair’s Jazz Festival Block Party, a Lackawanna Plaza Yappy Hour and the city’s annual Pride Festival.

Montclair’s Mayor on Pet-Friendly Certification

Three people stand together at an outdoor festival. Mayor Sean Spiller is in the middle. The woman on the right is holding a cute dog.

Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller, center, at the Lackawanna Plaza Yappy Hour co-sponsored by Humane Montclair and Pineapple Express Barbecue.

“In so many ways, Montclair is such a special place to live. Not only are we a great place for humans, we are also a Better City for Pets! We are so grateful to be recognized for our on-going community efforts to make Montclair, NJ a pet-friendly city.”

– Mayor Sean Spiller

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