Model Ordinance against Breed-Based Pet Restrictions

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AN ORDINANCE to amend [SECTION] of the [MUNICIPAL STATUTES/CODE] repealing the prohibition on ownership of certain breeds of dog.

WHEREAS, breed-based restrictions, sometimes known as “pit bull bans,” were originally intended to prevent attacks by prohibiting the ownership of certain breeds of dogs that were considered to be inherently aggressive or dangerous; and

WHEREAS, a 2014 report by the American Veterinary Medical Association found that pit-bull type dogs are not excessively aggressive; and

WHEREAS, many cities in the United States have already repealed ordinances banning pit bulls and other breeds previously considered to be inherently aggressive; and

WHEREAS, a dog’s behavior is primarily determined by the training and care given to it by its owner;

Be it ordained by the Mayor and Council of [MUNICIPALITY, COUNTY, AND STATE] as follows:

SECTION 1. [SECTION] of the [STATUTE/CODE], prohibiting the ownership of certain breeds of dog that were previously considered “dangerous,” is hereby repealed.

SECTION 2. All dogs residing in [MUNICIPALITY], regardless of breed, must be licensed according to [SECTION re: DOG LICENSES].

SECTION 3. [MUNICIPALITY] reserves the right to enforce all applicable ordinances regarding responsible dog ownership, regardless of a dog’s breed.

SECTION 4. This ordinance shall take effect immediately.

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