8 Tips for Pet Safety When Entertaining

By Dr. Tiffany L Bierer, Scientific Affairs Manager

It’s fun to have neighbors, friends and family together for a picnic, holiday celebration or a big sports event. One preparation that may be overlooked, though, is pet safety when entertaining. With new people, sights and sounds – as well as many foods and beverages – there are multiple ways for pets to get into trouble.

Here are eight tips to help keep pets safe…

1. Get off to a good start

If pets appear agitated or frightened when you’ll be having people over, it may be better to crate them, at least temporarily. Keep them in a safe, controlled space until people have arrived, the doorbell has stopped ringing and the noise level has moderated. 

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2. Be cautious with people food

Many foods can be toxic to pets, including onions, grapes, garlic, alcohol, caffeinated beverages, chocolate, avocados, diet foods (containing artificial sweeteners) and many nuts. Bones are also a danger because they can cause blockages or perforations if eaten. Keep human foods and snacks out of reach! Instead, have pet-appropriate snacks on hand like GREENIES™ treats for dogs and TEMPTATIONS™ treats for cats.

3. Talk with guests about pet safety

If friends, neighbors or party guests will be going in and out of your home, let them know you have pets in case they have allergies or are afraid of animals. This is also a good time to share that you take pet safety seriously! Let them know not to let pets outside and that you don’t want your pets to eat people food or beverages. Here’s another resource about pets and food safety.

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4. Watch the noise level – your neighbors will thank you too

Pets can be frightened by loud sounds, so watch the noise level at your party. If your pet becomes agitated with loud noises, keep him or her in a secure room away from the activity. Leaving a radio or TV on at a low level in that room may help to reduce stress and mask noise.

5. Keep pets out of party waste

Have covered trashcans around for guests. Remind them to throw paper plates, cups and napkins away, rather than leaving them on tables or chairs. Non-disposable tableware should be brought to your kitchen sink or counter. Another part of pet safety when entertaining is periodically walking around the house to gather waste materials that may not have been disposed of properly.

6. Create a safe space where pets feel secure

Make sure your dog or cat’s bed or crate is accessible, so they have a place to relax or hide out if they start to get overwhelmed. Cats will generally seek out a safe hiding place on their own. Not sure if your dog is unhappy? Download our Happy Pet Handbook (PDF) for pictures of different dog body language and what it means.

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7. Appoint a “pet watcher” to help you keep an eye on pets

We all have at least one friend who adores our pet. Maybe she wants a dog but doesn’t have one yet. Or maybe he’s known your cat as long as he’s known you. Choose an adult you trust and ask that person to help as a pet watcher when you have guests. They can help make sure pets don’t eat what they shouldn’t, get into trouble or accidently get outside.

8. End on a good, safe note

As the party is winding down and people are getting ready to leave, put your pet back in his or her crate or in a secure room. This will help keep him or her from following people out the door.

A little planning goes a long way to helping keep pets safe any time you entertain. We hope these tips help. Have a great time!

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