Meet the Cities – an Excerpt from the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ 2019 Annual Report

In 2019, we launched the first-ever BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ certification program. To apply, cities complete a detailed self-assessment on 12 key traits of pet-friendly cities. They must meet our pet-friendly benchmark and commit to continuing their progress.

We were thrilled to certify 31 cities in our inaugural year. All cities that apply have access to resources, tools and best practices for ongoing improvement.

Making Pets Welcome

City programs and policies can help or hinder people’s ability to live a great life with a pet. While some cities have made great strides, politicians also recognize that they need to do more. Below are key areas for improvement. The scores reflect how few certified cities answered “always/often” on these traits.

  • Our laws allow pet ownership without limits on number of pets, breed or pet size: 40%
  • Pets are welcome in most rentals, condos and neighborhoods, regardless of breed or size: 43%
  • Restaurants in our city welcome pets (inside or on patios): 30%
  • Our city has easy-to-find hydration options for pets: 17%


Cities also acknowledge that more pet education is needed to ensure a great experience for everyone. Education for kids, in particular, could increase.

  • Cities that have a program to teach responsible pet ownership: 63%
  • Cities that teach kids about dog behavior and/or avoiding dog bites: 37%

See how cities are working to make life better for people and pets, and the seven trends that are driving them. Check out the full BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ 2019 Annual Report here or download a PDF version below.

Cover of the 2019 annual report

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